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Episode 129 - Ian Bagg

Episode 129 - Ian Bagg

November 30, 2022

Comedian Ian Bagg joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week. They compare the Midwest to Canada and pond hockey to river hockey. From working for a traveling carnival in Australia to mining gold in Canada, Ian walks us through his journey to comedy and his love of crowd work. Ian and Charlie trade some regional sayings, winter advice, and Ian shares about the time he accidentally got someone fired. 


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Episode 128 - Pete Lee

Episode 128 - Pete Lee

November 23, 2022

Stand-up comedian Pete Lee joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week and the two get lost on tangents about hotel and public restroom etiquette. He talks about growing up in Wisconsin, coming up in the Twin Cities’ comedy scene, and the time he almost opened for Bobcat Goldthwait. Pete’s dog Diesel makes an appearance as he opens up about his cursed streak of TV shows being cancelled right after he’s made a guest appearance including “The Days of our Lives,” along with many other funny stories.


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Episode 127 - Lara Beitz

Episode 127 - Lara Beitz

November 16, 2022

Comedian Lara Beitz joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week to discuss her stand up career and growing up in the Midwest. Lara talks about coming up in the Milwaukee stand up scene, touring with Joe Rogan and Marc Maron, and, of course, bird watching. Lara indulges Charlie’s obsession with birds by sharing a few stories of her own fowl entanglements. Let’s just say they follow a goose down the rabbit hole. 


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Episode 126 - Center for Veterans Issues

Episode 126 - Center for Veterans Issues

November 11, 2022

On a special Veterans Day episode of the Cripescast, Charlie is joined by Ed Garza, CEO and President for the Center for Veterans Issues (CVI), Dr. Berdie Cowser, Director of Development and Housing for CVI, and Jason Johns, V.P. of Corporate and Community Relations for CVI. The Center for Veterans Issues is a nonprofit based in Milwaukee that helps veterans across Wisconsin.


Along with two returning guests, Ed and Jason, Dr. Berdie makes her debut on the Cripescast and talks about her career with CVI, the challenges female veterans face, and what it means to be named Milwaukee County’s 2023 Veteran of the Year. They share updates on current projects happening at CVI, ways to give back, what Veterans Day means to them, and provide advice on how to thank a veteran for their service. 


Interested in learning more about CVI or want to donate? Head to to read about what they’re doing, how you can help, and more. 


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Episode 125 - Voting in Wisconsin

Episode 125 - Voting in Wisconsin

November 2, 2022

Investigative journalist and state government reporter for Wisconsin Watch, Jacob Resneck, joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week. Jacob outlines how to register to vote in the state of Wisconsin, he highlights some important seats that are up for election this year, and he debunks some common misconceptions that circulate during election season. 


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Episode 124 - Hansel Canady

Episode 124 - Hansel Canady

October 26, 2022

From giving his first hair cut at 10 years old in the projects of South Side Chicago to becoming the official barber of the Green Bay Packers, Hansel Canady has seen and cut it all. In fact, during this week’s interview you’ll be able to hear him give Charlie a fresh new haircut at Hancan Barbershop in Green Bay. He and Charlie talk about how he became the Packers’ barber, his transition from Chicago to Green Bay, and the racism he faced during that time. “What happens in the barber shop, stays in the barber shop” is the motto Hansel lives by. It’s even on the wall as soon as you walk in. As an advocate for counseling and therapy, Hansel loves offering his chair as a safe space for his clients to open up. From AJ Dillon to Matt LaFleur to Charlie Berens, he enjoys making his clients to look and feel great. 


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Episode 123 - Alannah Vellacott

Episode 123 - Alannah Vellacott

October 19, 2022

Alannah Vellacott, a coral restoration specialist, marine ecologist, and ocean advocate, joins Charlie on the Cripescast this week.From playing in a mangrove ecosystem while growing up in the Bahamas to having a career in coral reef rehabilitation today, Alannah’s life has been closely intertwined with the ocean. Alannah also recounts her experience working on Samuel L. Jackson’s documentary series “Enslaved” as a diver helping map shipwrecks from the Atlantic Slave Trade. She discusses the importance of representation of Black women in her industry and how her social media aims to bring lessons from the ocean to all.


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Episode 122 - Shapel Lacey

Episode 122 - Shapel Lacey

October 12, 2022

This week stand up comedian Shapel Lacey joins Charlie on the Cripescast. Even though his comedy career started on a dare, he eventually wound up at the Just For Laughs New Faces showcases in 2019. He explains how being adopted into a white family at the age of 15 affected his life, his comedy, and ignited his passion for competitive cheering.


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Episode 121 - White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health

Episode 121 - White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health

October 5, 2022

Live from Washington DC, Charlie sits down with a variety of guests from the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health.

Guests include: Suzy Delong, Chef, Executive Director and Founder of LaSoupe in Cincinnati; Carrie Mess, a Wisconsin Farmer and agricultural influencer; Sherri Tussler, Executive Director at the Hunger Task Force in Milwaukee; Dr. Dave Nayak, a Chicago-based doctor turned farmer; Avani Rai, 4-H member and 17-year-old student; Tara Roberts Turner, a Waupaca farmer and General Manager of the Wisconsin Food Hub Cooperative. 

Episode 120 - Chris Distefano

Episode 120 - Chris Distefano

September 28, 2022

Stand up comedian and host of the “Chrissy Chaos” and “Hey Babe!” podcasts Chris Distefano joins Charlie this week. Chris talks about his first job as a court attendant at the U.S. Open and how he smuggled in Gatorade for star tennis players like Roger Federer and the Williams sisters. He also shares how he quit being a physical therapist to pursue a career in comedy and the weird things that he’s encountered while doing stand up in the Midwest. Chris and Charlie discuss how they were both bad altar boys back in the day, their trip to London and how Chris is going to stay in Charlie’s cheese room in Milwaukee.

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